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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Word of the day ( Ambiguous )

hey guys i know it's been a very long time since i last posted a new word straight from a dictionary that actually has a meaning so i guess i owe you guys this one here goes the word that I've chosen for today is Ambiguous well i first learned about this word from my lecture but i got the definition of the word from though you can just Google the word and the first thing that pops up is the meaning. ok so this word is actually meant to mean doubtful or uncertain . Ambiguous can also mean capable of being understood in two or more possible senses or ways for example an ambiguous smile, an ambiguous term or even a deliberately ambiguous reply. It's noun is Ambitiousness and the verb is Ambiguously. In a sentence you can use it for example like this "We were confused by the ambiguous wording of the message" or "He looks at her with an ambiguous smile". The synonym for ambiguous is obscure, arcane, cryptic and e.c.t while the antonym for this word is accessible, clear, obvious and e.c.t  To know more about this word you guys can just open any physical dictionary or just simply Googling  the word .  

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