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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

sample dialogue 1 ( sample text for oral test )

   A very good morning to our English teacher Pn Musalmahwati, and fellow friends. Today my group and I would like to act out a dialogue with the title VACATION.  Now before I start allow me to introduce my group that is Abirami, Asykin and myself Amira.
Amira: (1st day of school after the summer holidays) Hi abi … Hi syikin … how was your holiday guys?
Abi     : It was great. My family went to Pulau Langkawi which is known as the jewel of Kedah. We visited many tourist attractions. Some of my favourite spots are the Bird Park, The crocodile farm and The Underwater world. We also got the chance to visit Mahsuri’s grave. While we were there I saw a painting of Mahsuri. Do you guys know the reason why Mahsuri is special?
Asykin: No I don’t, why is Mahsuri so special?
Amira: I heard that Mahsuri was a pregnant woman who was sentence to death for eating the king’s precious fruits right.
Abi: Well it is true about that but that’s only half of it. Like you said she is a pregnant woman that was sentence to death and legend had said the day of her prosecution she had prayed to god never to let Pulau Langkawi to be modernised before her seventh generation was born. Since then Langkawi was never modernised until it is said that Mahsiru’s seventh generation was born, but enough about me how was your summer holiday Syikin?
Asykin: oh how interesting. My holiday however was not as interesting as yours did but to me it was the most memorable. We went to visit my grandmother at my mother’s hometown in a small village situated at Melaka. My grandmother has a garden there and the time was right because the fruits have fully ripened. She grew many fruits there like Durians, Mangos and Mangosteens. It feels like an island paradise there especially after we finished harvesting the fruits and that’s how my vacation went. So how was yours Amira?
Amira: Your vacation sounds tons of fun Abi and you to Syiki. Well for my vacation my parents brought us to Cameron highlands where we stayed at Strawberry Park Resort. When we arrived at Cameron it was raining and the temperature there is way cooler than here and you could hardly imagine how it was at night we went there for 3 days 2 nights. On the day that we arrived in Cameron we went to check in the hotel and rest because we were tired after staying in the car for 4 hours. The second day of the trip to Cameron we went to see many places some of my favourites are the Tea farm, Strawberry farm and the Lavender park. It was so nice there at the tea farm we could smell the scent of tea all around us. While at the strawberry farm we could hand pick the strawberries ourselves and we got to taste many types of food made out of strawberry. There was strawberry ice cream, strawberry dipped in chocolate and there were even strawberry muffins with strawberry toppings and large chunks of   real strawberries in it. Well while at the lavender farm we got to smell lavender, buy lavender perfume and lavender shampoo other than that we also got to buy lavender flowers. Well that’s my vacation and oh before I forget guys come to my class during recess. I have something to give to you guys. (The bell rings time to go to class)OK then that’s the bell I better get going don’t want to be late for class. Bye guys see you during recess.
Abi & Asyikin: (together) OK bye see you during recess.


Nur Ain said...

Izinkan saya copy dialouge ni. :)

mia said...

ok no problem go ahead dear :)

Anonymous said...

hamba Allah minta izinkan copy .

mia said...

ok go ahead dear

Anonymous said...

Izinkan saya copy ye

amira aminuddin said...
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amira aminuddin said...

yes, go ahead dear no problem.

Anonymous said...

izinkan saya nk copy benda ni. MMAng useful. thanks yaa

amira aminuddin said...


Anonymous said...

Tkde ker conversation about wacthing movies?? I need it!! ��

nashuha said...

Tkde ker conversation about wacthing movies?? I need it!! ��

Anonymous said...

mitak izin copy ^^


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