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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

suggested ideas on oral test presentation

ok recently i've been getting a few e-mails and also comments on english corner's fb page regarding oral test and also ideas on what to do so i've decided to post some links that would lead you directly to the materials that in my oppinion could be oral test materials mostly short stories and also some other materials that could also fit in the criteria of secondary school level oral test k .

individuals oral test :

1) short stories = )

p.s. for the short stories above you may also change that format to a dialogue for a group presentation and turn these short stories into a drama which you and your group may act the story out and might be given marks for your presentatian which will then add up to be a bonus .

2) poems = )

ok so i would just like to inform those who intended to recite a poem for their oral test shold also at the very least understand the meaning of the poem and also the intonation of the chosen poem for when you do your oral presentation . here's the thing you see your teachers wont have much to evaluate on your oral presentation if you just blindly recite the poem but by incerting a few details such as the meaning of the poem might get you somemarks on contents and at the same time boost your oral test marks and also by analyzing your poem could help you during Q and A session if your tacher decides to do so .

anyways just a tip dont feel so nervous during your oral test presentation have fun during the presentation but maintaining your language at the same would be a big help for you anyways i hope my post this time would help those who are left puzzeled for your oral test and good luck :)

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