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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hey guys

Hi I know I haven't been posting new things lately but I have magnificent news to share with ec101's viewer i've been kind of buzzy lately writing my very own play and pretty soon I'm going to launch my first web for a novel I've written. The novel is going to be posted by chapters and ec is going to be the once to get the first look on it. Here's a sort of a spoiler for you guys my first novel is titled "The Phantom Of The Top Star" I know the title is cheesy but the story is nothing like the phantom of the opera the setting is on a modern day time and just check out the first chapter and tell me what you think of it. As for the play I'm going to post it right here at ec once it's done. So there 2 things that I've been working on oh and one more thing ever heard of storylane check it out I'm posting some short stories there. Well I guess  that's all stay tune for the unveiling of my first novel and happy studying :D
Sincerely your admin ,


muhd isnizal said...

hye..assalamualaikum...nice blog..,can u help me,,how to be a expert english like you.,i want spm A in english..soryy..plesz help me

mia said...

hey there muhd isnizaland w.salam sure it'll be my pleasure in helping a junior erm not sure if this will be much of a help for you though but that's what i did to achieve an A in my english for both pmr and spm well all i could say is it'll take a lot of practice from all angels and that means reading writing speaking and the most important point is your grammar well i know it sounds sort off boring when i put it that way but look at it this way make the modern technology usefull when i started this blog i only had two reasons in mind and that's to improve my language in other words english and to help others improve their's in a more fun way you see i live by believing that you could beable to achieve anything if you have fun doing it and you practise it a lot blogging is fun for me and so is writing a novel and plays and also short stories i know it sounds more like i'm interested in literature but see here i dont just like them i love them and thus i would write them wilingly that's all it took actually for me and i hope it'll help you as well oh and before i forget for your spm if your a bold and brave to take a challange like i did for the novel don't just study the novel that your studiying at your school but also study the ones that are studied by others from other regions and master them perfectly and when the time for you to answer the questions has come you can actually choose according to which novel you would like to answer as for the writing components well you already know the types so find out what type of writing are you most familiar with and that of which you had already mastered all and all practice makes perfect and listening and asking for your teachers help would mean a big help the closer you are with your teachers the better ok i think that's mostly all for now hope this helps you muhd and good luck every journey you take will always have a bump in the road or two it's when you choose to overcome that bump is when you succeed achieving some thing is never easy perserverance will always get you through it and never be afraid to make mistakes it's from those mistakes that you learn to do better .

sincerely ,
ec101's admin mia


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